Experienced UKCP registered psychotherapist in London offering counselling and psychotherapy in Waterloo.

Have you ever felt not quite yourself, but didn’t know why?
Are you able to stand outside yourself and see what might be wrong? 

Psychotherapy can act as a mirror and allow you to look at what is bothering you. 

Sometimes we know what is causing our distress. It could be bereavement, career concerns, relationship issues or physical illness. The process of talking to a therapist about these problems allows you to shed some light on them in a confidential, safe way, with someone who is in no other way connected to your life. 

The journey from not feeling yourself to discovering yourself is different for every single one of us. I believe psychotherapy has two main functions: It can provide the support needed to move through crisis; It allows you time and space to get to know yourself, allowing you to develop a greater sense of well being. 

I offer long and short-term counselling and psychotherapy to individuals with a wide range of difficulties including;

Sex and sexuality issues
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
Relationship issues
Self-esteem issues
Gay, lesbian and bisexual issues
Eating disorders 

And don't forget, sometimes we don’t know the exact nature of what’s wrong, but we know it doesn’t have to be that way.

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